Mission Statement:

High Praise Ministries (HPM) is a training ground inspired by God to educate, equip and train ministers and aspiring ministers. The H.P.M.  Purpose is to edify the body, mind and spirit through a show and tell method of training, combining classroom (tell) and workshop (show) settings that help produce effective ministers that will go forth in these last and evil days.


Jesse Jones is the founder of High Praise Ministries. A vision given to him by God in late 1999 early 2000. God showed him the need for holistic training in vital ministries that people weren't being trained in. God gave him the vision to start with the Dance/Mime Ministry as he had already been trained by a phenomenal minister of dance/mime in her own right Stacey Alexander who was the overseer of a group called Exhaltations of Praise.

   At and early age Jesse developed a love for the dance/mime and ministry in general after at a concert held in his home church (The Church In the Round, Aliquippa, Pa under Bishop Melvin E. Clark). He saw Stacey minister to Donnie Mclurkins "Stand!" He saw and recognized the anointing on her and that ministry even at age 12. Though he accepted Christ at age 5 it wasn't until having seen this ministry that he began to feel a call and a pull to go work for Christ. Jesse spent the next 6 years under the wing of Stacey Alexander not only learning the Dance/Mime Ministry but learning ministry period and the serious sacrifice it takes to be a minister of the gospel. Because of her personal investment in him, Stacey is considered to be the spiritual mother of High Praise Ministries.


   Upon graduating high school he left for college in Ohio and began to implement and teach what he learned about ministry at Mt. Zion where Pastor, Dr. Francine Childs and Pastor, Prophet Leon Forte (Grace Christian Center) pulled out other gifts that God invested in him. The 2 of them along with Associate Pastor Otis Crockran (Grace Christian Center) taught him what true Praise and Worship was all about, by placing him over the Mt. Zion Praise and Worship Team along with Minister Wayne Cobb. Jesse was also the "Armor Bearer" to them which showed him some of the Pastors go through. He began preaching and teaching not only G.V.F's (Gospel Voices of Faith) S.T.O.M.P (Students To Open Madd Praise) and V.O.P (Vessels of Praise) dance and mime teams, but the word of God on Sunday mornings from time to time. It was in this season and time that God was training and equipping him for High Praise Ministries.


Since graduating college Jesse has been ministering in dance/mime, praise and worship, teaching, and preaching all over Ohio and parts of the east coast including a stop in Amanda, Ohio under Pastor Marlene Dye who continued to pull out what God had placed in him. Pastor Marlene took Jesse to Swain City in Marietta, Ohio to be licensed as a minister under her Pastor, Bishop Haskel Swain in June of 2005. Soon after he was elevated to the Assistant Pastor of Capital City Church in Columbus Ohio along side Pastor Dye. 

   God called Jesse to be transplanted at the word of Pastor Dye in April 2006 from Capital City to serve under Bishop Melvin Griffin, Sr at Resurrection Ministries For All People. Bishop Griffin wouldn't just pull out and train but help Jesse to perfect the gifts in him. Currently he still serves under Bishop Griffin in many capacities including overseer of the R.M.F.A.P Dance/Mime team and the overseer for the I.A.M (International Anointed Ministries) Dance/Mime Ministries for the state of Ohio. 

   In late 2007 after all the training he had been through, God finally authorized him to bring forth the first phase of High Praise Ministries; the HPM Dance/Mime Institute where the ministry behind the moves is taught just as it was taught to him. These classes continue with more courses in ministry being added to HPM including: The Praise and Worship Institute, The Institute of the Armor Bearer, Church Business, and others with the goal being to equip ministers and aspiring ministers to serve effectively no matter what ministry God calls them to.


In January of 2013 God elevated and transplanted Jesse to Victorious Life Christian Center as the Youth Pastor under the Senior Pastor Howard Williams.This would be his final stop in training. Jesse would be taught under Pastor Williams the in's and out's of not only ministry but the pastorate as well as building, growing, and maintaining a church.



God led him to take what was in its infancy just a teaching and training ground to expand it into High Praise Ministries Church, the Real, Raw, Church of Purpose which opened up its ministry doors June 22, 2013. High Praise Ministries Church holds its service entitled Next Level Services every Saturday at 1PM. Jesse was ordained and installed as Pastor of High Praise Ministries Church on Aug 24, 2013 by Bishop Mel Griffin. Jesse’s focus in life and ministry is purpose and the fulfillment of that purpose. On Dec 4th 2010 God added the best and next piece of the puzzle to help him move toward his purpose when he was joined in Holy Matrimony to his wonderful wife Falonda and became as well the father of his bright and beautiful daughter Ashley. Together the Jones family ask and allow God to use them in what has been called the High Praise Ministries experience, going where needed and called to go using tools such as Next Level Service look to provide practical college for your spirit through teaching, preaching, and a free flow in the prophetic.