High Praise Ministries is a school of ministry dedicated to the uplifting of the gospel of Jesus Christ through a myriad of the unique and eccentric ministry forms that the church needs in this last day and age.

     HPM endeavors to train and teach ministers of the gospel both young and old alike the importance of their individual gifts within the Body of Christ. Ministers and aspiring ministers will learn how to operate and be confident in their specific divine calling from God. HPM trains and ministers in numerous gifts, which include but not limited to: The Dance Ministry, Praise and Worship, Choir Directing, Amour Bearing, Poetry, Theater/Drama, and True Submission.

    High Praise Ministries also believes in the practicality of the Body and therefore look to help leaders and their constituents understand even more areas such as Church Administration and Protocol, Leadership Techniques, and True Submission. The bible declares everything is to be done decent and in order, HPM wants to help leaders be in that order for God is not the author of confusion.

    Along with training ministers to operate in their respective gifts, HPM also looks to help perfect the gifts that are already working on the inside. The bible teaches us to study to show yourself approved. This is not just relative to being diligent in the word, but to the craft of the gift that God has invested in you. HPM looks to pull out what God has placed in you and help you to perfect it that you can go out and be an effective witness for the Lord.

    Lastly, High Praise Ministries is a ministry that believes in strengthening our youth thereby empowering them with a place and a forum to display what God has given them that they may go in a destroy the kingdom of Satan.